About FFN

FFNs around the world

The Global FFN brings together activities from various regions of the world (see the FFN website http://www.fragilityfracturenetwork.org/global-regions/) and is in a phase of regionalization with the opening of regional FFNs in countries where the Global FFN has more restricted action, particularly in the countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Central Europe.

Today, there are four major hip fracture databases developed by activities link to the FFN.

Australia and New Zealand

Australian and New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry



N.B. In development. Spanish Registry of Hip Fractures.

Regional FFNs

There are currently the following regional FFNs:

FFN Australia
FFN Brazil
FFN China
FFN Philippines
FFN Greece
FFN India

FFN Italy
FFN Japan
FFN Lebanon
FFN Malaysia
FFN Myanmar
FFN Nepal

FFN Norway
FFN New Zealand
FFN Pakistan
FFN United Kingdom
FFN Siri Lanka
FFN Thailand