Global FFN Activities

Educational Projects

The Global FFN Educational Committee is coordinated by the geriatric physician and former president of the Global FFN, Paolo Falaschi. Its members include David Marsh (Orthopedist), Nicola Napoli (Bone specialist), Julie Santy-Tomlinson (Nurse), Karen Hertz (Nurse), Robin Speerin (FLS), Monic Perracini (Physiotherapist), Kate Mangione (Physiotherapist), and Stefano Eleuteri (Psychologist).

Nurse Training Course

The San Servolo Project produced a book, published in June 2018, with open access (sponsored by UCB Pharma) aimed at nurses who care for patients with fragility fractures in your day-to-day clinical practice. This course has already been held in Bologna, Athens, Vilnius, Dublin, Berlin, Manchester, and Istanbul.


Caregiver Training Course

Currently, the committee is working on an online training course for caregivers after hip fracture.

Orthogeriatrics: The Management of Older Patients with Fragility Fractures

This practically oriented series presents state of the art knowledge on the principal diseases encountered in older persons and addresses all aspects of management, including current multidisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. It is intended as an educational tool that will enhance the everyday clinical practice of both young geriatricians and residents and also assist other specialists who deal with aged patients.