Global FFN Activities

Interest Groups

Within the Global FFN there are 3 interest groups (Special Interest Group – SIG):

1: Vertebral Fragility Fracture SIG:

To develop a multidisciplinary group to promote a holistic approach for all aspects of diagnosis, management, rehabilitation, and prevention of vertebra fractures:

  • To supervise the development of an evidence-based model to establish a line of care or a patient trajectory for men and women who have a vertebral osteoporotic fragility fracture.
  • To disseminate information for professional colleagues, patients, managers, and the general public.


Opinder Sahota – Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Department of Geriatric Medicine.

Manuela Ferreira – Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney

2: Rehabilitation Research SIG

  • To create a network of researchers and clinical institutions interested in conducting collaborative research in hip fracture to determine evidence for hip fracture recovery (from fracture up to 24 months after fracture) and to design and test rapid interventions aimed at improving post-fracture outcome.


Jay Magaziner – Chair, Department Of Epidemiology & Public Health; Director, Center For Research On Aging, School of Medicine, University of Maryland.

Lauren Beaupre – Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Alberta, Canada.

3: Physiotherapy SIG

  1. To discuss the role of physiotherapists in the whole pathway of care for fragility fracture.
  2. To discuss the mobility disability measures/instruments in each stage of care.
  3. To discuss the whole clinical decision-making process, including examination, evaluation, plan of care and outcome assessment measures based on the best available scientific evidence and clinical judgment to address the whole pathway of care for fragility fracture patients.
  4. To discuss (review and assess) the role of exercise as a preventive strategy to prevent falls and fragility fractures.


Cathie Sherrington – Professor & Senior Principal Research Fellow, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney, Australia.

Morten Tange Kristensen – Associate Professor and Senior Researcher, Amager-Hvidovre Hospital, University of Copenhagen