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Orthogeriatric co-management

Elderly after hip fracture are complex patients. They frequently develop functional limitations and dependence. They benefit from a multi-professional approach based on geriatric-gerontological and orthopedic skills.

The orthogeriatric care shares treatment protocols among several professionals and encompasses:

  • Comprehensive and holistic approach.
  • Evaluation of psycho-social questions.
  • Familiarity with conditions that reduce the physiological reserve, such as sarcopenia, nutritional problems, immobilization, etc.
  • Perioperative management.
  • Evaluation of risk fractures and if the patient is ready for surgery.
  • Selection by the orthopedic team of the most appropriate surgical intervention and technique based on high standards.
  • Pain management and the start of early immobilization

After surgery, the geriatrician and team (physiotherapist, nurse, nutritionist, social worker, psychologist) perform mobilization interventions, evaluate the risk of falls and fractures, and prepare the patient and their relatives for discharge.